6 ways how an expedition tour will enhance the skills of future leaders

Schools take enormous pride each year when students pass exams and move on to further education or to start a career. Many hours have been invested in them to try and prepare them as best as possible for the challenges that lie ahead as adulthood looms.

Many things can be taught in the classroom, but there is far more to learning than getting answers right each year. A fantastic way to prepare students for future demands, especially those who might be looking at a career in management or leadership is for a school to speak to a specialist company and arrange one of their expedition tours, which will benefit those on it tremendously in the following 6 ways.

  1. Sending students on a real challenge for 7 to 27 nights is a great way for them to be tested and develop as individuals and understanding the ethics of teamwork and how to get the best out of other individuals. They will be in alien conditions under the wings of experienced company employees, as well as from the school, which ensures complete safety.
  2. The experienced company the school should choose has been in business for over 30 years, so they have gathered a wealth of information and knowledge so that their tours are exactly what students and their school require. It’s a company with high ethics, that has of late become the world’s first climate-positive school travel company.
  3. By focusing on leadership skills, those present will get a great idea of what it will be like to manage a team as part of a career or in outside interests such as coaching a sports team or leading a drama group. Learning skills such as budgeting while outside enduring physical exertion will teach how to take time to make important decisions for the benefit of all those affected. It will help to guide a person as to when it’s a good idea to delegate or ask others for advice or when to take control of a situation themselves.
  4. The trip is a test with many different overseas destinations creating their own challenges with different landscapes and climates, which are excellent conditions to allow leaders to emerge and learn quickly. Whether it be the cold of northern Europe, the tropical heat of Southeast Asia or South America, or perhaps the altitudes of Peru or Nepal, each location will be invigorating where memories to last a lifetime will be made.
  5. Further education is provided through community-led initiatives that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, offering a real connection and understanding of the planet.
  6. Meeting local people and seeing how to adapt and communicate all assists in personal development and how to build relationships, which are vital in any leadership role. Trying new foods and relaxing with friends at night adds to an amazing experience.

An expedition tour to an overseas destination is guaranteed to develop leadership skills and the importance of teamwork and learning how to resolve issues.

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