How Can I Ensure That My Child Develops a Fluency in English?

If you are the parent of a child in a non-English speaking country, you would naturally be concerned that your son or daughter will not develop a fluency in English, which could become a serious obstacle to their career dreams. The older a child gets, the more difficult it is to pick up a new language, so you need to start as early as possible by enrolling your child in an international pre-school program.

Many Benefits of International Education

Once your child has experienced a couple of years in kindergarten, they can then move on to a local primary international school, or better still, find a K-12 school and your child will never have to change schools. It isn’t just the English language that your child will acquire at an international program; the school follows an active learning approach that develops imagination, critical thinking and working as a team.

Create an English Environment

If you and your partner are Thai, don’t worry that your child will lack in the development of their mother tongue; indeed, a child can learn 3 languages at the same time, providing there is a level of consistency. We can do many things to help create an environment where English is used, such as:

  • Watching TV programs in English.
  • Listen to English radio.
  • Use English at home with your kids.
  • Find foreign friends for your child.

The most important thing is schooling and an international program will cover that and if you manage to find a US K-12 school in Bangkok, this is perfect as your child will not have to experience changing schools.

Children can learn at an amazing rate, yet as they age, it does become harder to acquire a second language; if a non-English speaking child has not been exposed to English by the time they are in their teenage years, it is very difficult to make any progress. An American K-12 school can provide the foundation for English fluency and with an online search, you can find the website of a local international school and start your quest to find the best English language school.

Book a Tour of the School

Schools don’t take kindly to potential parents arriving unannounced, yet you can book a tour of the school via their website, which will give you the opportunity to experience the ambience and also to ask the principal many questions that you have prepared for the occasion.

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