How to Be a Skilled and Licensed Rigger?

Riggers are Crucial to the Construction Industry.

You are a suitable candidate to learn to rig if you are someone who likes to work outdoors, is comfortable working at heights, and is all right with handling and managing heavy loads. Large-scale construction and industrial projects require skilled and certified riggers to work around construction sites, move, lift and lower structural steel and use rigging gear such as pulleys, cables, ropes, etc. safely.

A licensed rigger should be able to evaluate the size and weight of large objects that need to be moved and should also be aware of the right equipment to be used, to do so. A trained rigger is expected to know how to erect cranes and adjust the heights of tower cranes. He should also be trained in lifting and positioning components in order to build a secure scaffolding. A skilled rigger is trained to ensure that all work procedures are followed safely and should be able to recognize threats and risks related to the process.

A Licensed Rigger is Trained to be Safety Conscious.


Riggers should not only be good at carrying out the important physical work at sites, but also be trained to work in a team environment. It is of utmost importance for riggers to be safety conscious. Licensed riggers who are physically fit and are trained to be mindful about security measures, get hired not only in the construction industry but also in mining, shipbuilding, and manufacturing projects.

Become a Licensed Rigger by Attending a Comprehensive Rigging Course.

The construction and building industry are growing all over the world, and so are job opportunities for riggers. As rigging is a high-risk job, you will have to take a few important steps to get there. In order to make a successful career as a rigger, you need to complete a nationally accredited rigging course and get comprehensive training and a license from a reputable training institute. There are various levels of a rigging course, however, a basic rigging course from a reliable training institute in Australia will prepare you to perform basic rigging work.

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