Plumbing Companies Hiring: Check Out What’s Needed?

You are probably aware of the situation that’s been happening lately in the world and the US. The world is attacked by the deadly Covid-19 virus that is aggressive and scary. The entire planet is in lockdown because the consequences are scary if people are not protecting themselves.

This is why the World Health Organization suggested wearing masks at all times, maintaining social distancing, and staying home until the vaccine is found. See more about this here.

A situation in which people are staying home means closing businesses. Lots of industries are suffering tremendously. The travel and vacationing industries are suffering terrible damages, and no one knows how long they will need to recover.

Millions of people are losing their jobs because of it. Some of these people will find another job, but lots of them are left on the streets without anyone offering help.

If you’re finding yourself in this kind of situation, look up the internet ads where plumbing companies are now hiring a new workforce. People are staying at their homes and this needs more plumbers to solve the overwhelming problems.

To know what is needed for becoming a plumber, we made a special list of needs. If you want to find out, do check them out and see if you’re fit for the job before applying. Follow up and see for yourself!

1. No special education nor experience

The best thing about it is that you don’t need a special college degree. Of course, the best plumbers are MIT graduated, but most of those working in the industry did not receive a diploma there. They are not engineers with degrees.

It’s enough to have a high school degree. If you finished this, then you’re most likely eligible for the job. If you have no previous training in the field of plumbing, the company that’s hiring you will be happy to provide one for you.

Before you’re out there working alone, you’re surely going to be appointed an experienced plumber that will show you the basics of the job. You’ll learn as you go. You’ll do small tasks at first, and work your way to the big leagues.

2. Knowledge in math

Even though we say that you need no diploma, you still need to know particular things – like math, which is the base of all plumbing solutions when you need to install or change something.

Of course, we’re not saying that you need to be a living calculator, but you need to know how to calculate some numbers. For example, if you’re on the field, and you need to install two pipes with 6 feet length, you need to know how to measure and calculate where both of them are going to fit.

This is not complex math, but you need to know how to deal with numbers. If you don’t feel confident about doing some calculations while working, then you might not be the best fit for this job.

3. Interest and understanding of science

When someone says science, we instantly think of heavy chemical experiments, knowledge about the deep space and how start behave, and similar stuff. It’s not like that in the plumbing world. There are several science issues that every plumber must know, but they are more of common sense than they are a matter of a college degree.

For example, you need to know how water reacts and what its features are. Since you’ll be working with gas pipes too, you must know how gas reacts to different environments and exposures. If you don’t it may cost you your life.

There are electricity wires around you too. You need to know that water and electricity are a deadly combination. No one wants you dead while trying to do something, so you must know these things before you start working.

If you feel like this is too complex for you, and you don’t want to learn about the science needed for plumbing projects, then you might be better off looking for something else. See more about it here:

4. Dedication, punctuality, and decision-making skills

One of the most valuable skills that one plumber must have are punctuality, dedication to the work, and decision-making skills. When you’re out there and the clients ask for your help, you shouldn’t let them down. It’s both bad for your business and the satisfaction of your clients.

If you say that you’ll be there in an hour, you need to be there exactly in an hour. There are no excuses. When you start working, you need to focus on the job. There’s no reason for chit-chats with your clients or wasting their time. You’re being called professionally, not as a friend.

The most important is probably the decision-making skill. In some situations, you’ll need to make decisions that might solve the problem immediately or cause an even bigger one. If you’re experienced enough, you’ll always make the right decision. However, this is a skill that not everyone has, so make sure you’re a decision-making person.

5. Honesty is key

When you’re in the home of the client, you’re not allowed to touch their belongings. Even though stealing is punishable by jail crime, there are still people who do it disguised as plumbers. If you’re planning to do this, you must be honest and not pose a threat to your clients.

Another thing is the price. Taking advantage of the unawareness of the severity of the problem from your clients, shouldn’t be misused. The clients must have confidence in you. If you’re honest, they’ll call you every time they have trouble with their plumbing. For example, at One Call Plumbing jobs, this is the most valuable thing they’ll appreciate.


These five things are needed for getting a job as a plumber. If you think you can handle these things, you’re ready to become one. It’s not hard being a plumber, but you will still need some training before taking off more seriously. Once you pass the tests, you’re ready to start working and earning a living.

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