The 3 Main Forms of Academic Education on Offer Today

If your son or daughter is soon to be reaching pre-school age, there is much to consider and your choice of schooling could make all the difference to your child’s future. Before you can make an informed decision as to what kind of school to choose for your child, it makes sense to outline all the possibilities, which we offer in this article.

  1. Government Schools – Wherever you happen to live, there are state run schools that offer basic all-round education, which is usually cheap and maybe even subsidised by the government, keeping fees down. This would be the kind of school the working class family would choose and despite being regarded as a basic form of education, many students went on to enjoy successful careers. When a child finishes government school, they can study at a college to learn a trade such as a mechanic or another trade that interests them.
  2. Private Schools – While school fees would be higher than a government school, the standard of education is generally superior to that of state-run institutions, and in most cases, native English-speaking teachers are recruited to help the students learn to speak English. This is perhaps the most popular type of school, where the average family can afford to send their kids, where they will gain a decent education for an affordable cost. Private schools have to be very competitive, as there are many private schools that offer a good education, so term fees will be very similar.
  3. International Schools – Regarded as the pinnacle of formal education, the international school curriculum in Bangkok is very comprehensive and widely accepted as the best form of education available today. While term fees are high, your child is pretty much guaranteed to enter the university of their choosing after an international education, which is why so many parents do what it takes to set their child up for a prosperous life and career.

The international school uses either the British or American National Curriculum, both of which are regarded as the best in the world and after 12 years of formal education, your child would be able to choose a career that they are interested in and hopefully, go onto university to achieve a BA.

It is important to start thinking about a career at the age of 13-14 years, which should help the student to plan for a career that offers many challenges and rewards.

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