What are the Job Roles of a Morning Show Host?

The gist of the announcer is to showcase the news, music, sports and give their commentary or interview the guests about these essential subjects. Many act as masters of ceremonies or emcees or disc jockeys or DJs at parties, weddings or clubs. If you are interested in making a career in one and are curious about morning show host career earnings, it depends on the market level you are working on.

What are the duties of a morning show host?

  1. They have to present news, music, sports, weather, time, and ads.
  2. They interview the guests and moderate panels or discussions
  3. They also announce station programming info like breaks for commercials, program schedules or public service info
  4. They do the due diligence on topics for comment and discussion during shows
  5. They read scripts on radio or TV shows
  6. They comment on essential news stories
  7. They also provide commentary for audience in the parades, sports events and other occasions
  8. They choose the program content
  9. They also make promotional appearances in private or public events.

Here is what to do to become one

  1. Education

Although, you may not need some specific formal education beyond a high school certificate, but at least you must have a bachelor’s degree to make it to entry level positions. You may need a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, communications or journalism. The programs also offer courses like voice and diction, to assist the students to enhance their vocabulary. Moreover, these programs prep up the students to get acquainted with computer and necessary audio equipment and software used at the studios.

  1. Training

After the education, you can go for a short term on the job training. This lets you become acquainted with the equipment used in the events. For sports announcers, training also entails basic rules and information for the sports being covered. This training will also help you learn on how to use the necessary audio and production equipment. Many companies expect that the applicants may have some skills before they are being enrolled like skills gained from college degree curriculum, participation in relevant activities such as college radio, TV or previous internships.

  1. Leveling up

As radio and TV stations have limited staff in small market, leveling up becomes harder. Instead many announcers level up by working in a station that has a larger market. They work on smaller markets to level up their skills so as to increase their odds to make it into the bigger stations. Hence, time and experience let you level up in larger market offering higher pay and more to look forward to.

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