What to Know: Martial Arts Classes

It is overwhelming joining any new hobby, activity, or taking the steps to learn a new skill. Mixed martial arts encompass a broad range of skills all in one sport. There are martial arts classes that offer a variety of specialised skills at all different levels.

Unarmed and Armed: Martial Arts in Practise

Martial arts encompasses a variety of fighting skills that stem from East Asia. Martial arts are divided into two main categories: armed and unarmed. For example, Arnis is a martial art from the Philippines. Arnis is an armed martial art that emphasises the skill of using hand weapons such as knives and bladed weapons.

On the other hand, tae kwon do, karate, and judo are all examples of unarmed martial arts. Mixed martial arts combines unarmed martial arts into a new form of fighting and discipline that is now seen in the UFC fights.

How to Choose the Right Gym: Staff Friendliness

Prior to enrolling in any class, it is vital to do your research. Is the instructor trained? Did you visit martial arts classes and feel completely overwhelmed? Did the staff at the gym help and assist you with all of your questions? When you choose to learn a new skill, it feels awkward and uncomfortable.

Therefore, when choosing a class at a gym, the first step is making sure that the gym feels warm and welcoming to you. Having instructors who care and are willing to answer your questions even before signing up for a class will set the tone for how you will feel in a new environment learning a new skill.

Quality Instructors, Schedules, and Cleanliness of a Gym

Another factor to consider is the schedule. Does the gym have various classes offered at different times throughout the day? In six months from now, if you are moving up a level, do they offer this level at a time that works for you? If you work afternoons, check to see what availability they have for classes in the morning and vice versa if you work in the morning.

With a pre-visit to the potential prospect for martial arts classes in Reading, you will be able to determine if the schedule works for you. You will also be able to ask the instructors questions such as what their background is and what training they have had in martial arts. Also, by visiting, you will be able to see the cleanliness of the gym.


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